Is it worth to buy (a) Panasonic Lumix GH5

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The Panasonic GH5 Camera is an excellent camera for both hobbyists and professional videographers.

While the GH5 won't be a king for photography due to its small sensor size, it's a beast for video with 60 fps 4K, 180fps 1080p, 10-bit internal recording, great interface, In-body stabilization, and so on.

I come from the GH4, and the biggest upgrade for me was the IBIS and increased native ISO level.

Everyone who is into video will not regret this camera.

Forthehorde | April 27, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1

Very impressive camera. I particularly enjoy the GH5 thanks to its in-body stabilisation and 4K capabilities.

Art111 | June 15, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1