Is it worth to buy (a) Optoma NuForce BE Sport4

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Oct 25, 2018 - Practically flawless wireless earbuds The NuForce BE Sport4 earbuds are sleek, high-performance buds that improve on their already five-star predecessors. They're ideal for exercise, although any urbanite will also find their lightweight functionality highly appealing.


Jun 26, 2018 - Back at CES, I had the chance to chat with Optoma about what we could expect from the NuForce brand this year. I was promised that ...


Oct 1, 2018 - The Sennheisers are more engaging, but since they're almost twice the price – and nor do they offer water-resistance – the Optoma BE Sport4 are clearly strong contenders. They're among the better sub-£100 wireless earphones, particularly if you don't want a pair with a neckband or bright treble.