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Computer Parts Updated 02 February

Ryzen 5 1600

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AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Review. Before the AMD Ryzen processors appeared in the market, a lot of competing brands were considered as the best choices ...

AMD CPU review. Latest product shots, rating, price and Ryzen 5 1600 specs. Gaming CPU benchmarked against the biggest PC games like Fortnite, Minecraft ...

May 22, 2017 - We review the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processors which have made Intel's Core i5 lineup obsolete now because you get 2 ...

Jun 12, 2017 - We finally get some time to analyze AMD's Ryzen 5 1600 and Ryzen 5 1400 processors. Should you consider them for a lower-end build?