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Phones Updated 25 February

Oppo Reno 2

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Oct 16, 2019 - The Reno 2, and the virtually identical Reno 2Z, are Oppo's second wave of Reno flagship phones – are they worthwhile additions to the line?

Nov 6, 2019 - Another mid-range phone rolls into town offering an appealing balance between price and performance. Oppo gets a lot right with the Reno 2, ...

Nov 22, 2019 - "Finally another exciting smartphone", I thought during the review of the Oppo Reno 2. The completely bezel-less display, the mechanically ...

Oct 16, 2019 - The Oppo Reno 2 is a mid-range phone that provides everything you might ask from a pricier model, posing some serious competition to more ...