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TVs Updated 29 April


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The LG C8 is my very first OLED TV. OLED TV's always looked great when I was shopping in electronic stores, however I was scared of the burn-in and the premium price tag.

After some research I read that the anti-burn-in software in the TV really helps and that any normal user won't see burn-in ever.

I bought it and everything is so more 'rich' especially darker scenes feel so much more immersive!
In addition, on a LCD TV, when subtitles kick in, the TV would automatically brighten up, this is no longer the case as there is no back light anymore.

- Hulu is not in the app store
- If your media is really compressed then you're gonna have problems in dark scenes, so you gotta make sure you play decent media.

- Webos is snappy and fast (especially compared to Android TV)
- The smart tv "wii" remote is super handy
- It looks gorgeous
- The screen itself is thinner than a phone

I really recommend a OLED TV if you love movies and TV Shows.

April 29, 2019

It blew my mind how amazing an OLED TV is after I upgraded from an LCD TV. Amazingly deep blacks, vibrant colors, and gorgeous contrast!

May 12, 2019