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Phones Updated 17 June

Samsung galaxy J5

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Dec 12, 2018 - Samsung Galaxy J5 : While the Galaxy S9 dominates the premium smartphone market, Samsung's updated Galaxy J5 remains a low-cost ...

In terms of display, the 2017 model of the Galaxy J5 boasts a 1,280 x 720 resolution. While this is pretty low, even at this price, it's still a great display. Thanks in the main to its Super AMOLED panel, it makes up in vibrancy for what it lacks in pixels, being an incredible-looking screen overall for the price.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a real surprise package, giving the mighty Moto G a run for its money.

Sep 4, 2015 - Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015) may not be the ultimate budget smartphone, but the value it offers at 12k is simply great.