Is it worth to buy (a) Pokemon Lets Go

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I think it has a lot of potential for the future. This is created mainly to draw attention from Pokemon Go lovers so they would buy the switch.

It features the first gen pokemon and you play in the Kanto area. It kinda feels like an upgraded version of Pokemon Yellow. You can get a feel of the pokemon games mechanics, however without being able to get deep into gameplay with egg moves, items to hold, AMs, HMs,..

Overall it's a pretty fun game, but it definitely isn't challenging.

MegaSpecial | June 18, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1

Very fun game!
Beware that this is hardly a two player game. The second player can't really do anything except follow you around.

If you're in battle it will he way to easy as it's two against one.

I recommend playing solo!

Missae | June 18, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1