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Worths Apr 16, 2018

Are Apple Airpods Worth It?

When Apple announced the release of its Airpods, many potential buyers were eager for the product to begin sale. The major fascinating fact about the Airpod is that it is a Bluetooth device thus every user who endures the hassle of having to set up a Bluetooth enabled earpiece will find the Apple Airpods the ideal reliever.

This is a wireless Bluetooth headset device that works on iPhones with iOS 10 and or Later White.

Although many positive reviews have been channelled to this earpiece, it is still pertinent to ask this salient question; is the apple airpod worth investing?


Apple Airpods picture



So amazing is the fact that this high-tech earpiece plays the music you want to listen to when you put them in your ears and pauses when you take them off automatically.

The virtual assistant Siri does all the magic for you; think of when you want to make a call, adjust volume, change the song or even request for directions, all you need to do is double-tap the earpiece to get Siri on board.

It takes only 15 minutes to charge the Apple Airpods, and it can last for 3 hours. On a full charge, the battery lasts 5 hours of listening time; this is because it is provided with an ultralow-power W1 chip that manages power consumption.

The simplicity of its connectivity is fascinating, and the fact that it is a true companion to iPhone, iPad and Apple watches makes among the best latest tech device to appreciate.


Each of the Airpods is fitted with sensors that respond when you put it on or remove. For example when wearing both airpods, removing one pause the music and resumes when you put it back on. On the other hand, taking both earpieces out will automatically terminate the activity, either a track or a movie.

This gadget comes with a great battery life of up to 5 hours of intensive and can be extended to 24 hours on using the charging case included with it.

The Apple Airpods is very easy to pair with its devices compared to available Bluetooth gadgets I have used.

Considering the Airpod range, I’ll say it’s excellent; you can walk around the house or office without losing audio quality or connectivity.

However, the device does not block all exterior noise and requires Siri for most of the controls. It might interest you to know that Siri requires an internet connection to work.


Apple Airpods in ear



The price of the Apple Airpod at most market stores stands at $140 which makes it at the high side for most users. Moreover, the dependency on Siri for most of the controls limits the extent of its usage for some users.


Although not so budget friendly, the Apple Airpods are convenient, good sound quality and offer an impressive battery life.



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