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Health & Fitness May 30, 2018

Are Protein Shakes Worth it?

The possibility of seeing people taking protein shakes especially among athletes, students and models are very high. Proteins are essential for the growth of the body and repair of worn tissues. Protein shakes a readied source of protein that you can eat without adding anything extra to your diet and still retain your flexibility and health.

It is important to consider if truly our body needs these protein supplements and to also find out if Protein Shakes are worth it.


Benefits of Protein Shakes

Our body needs require careful observation of required balance diet and what we eat. For those of us that are busy with everyday activities, eating the required balanced diet is difficult thus, protein shakes can offer you the protein needed by the body. Let’s take a look at the benefit of Protein shakes;

•    Great Muscle Growth: athletes who rely on Protein Shakes will have muscle growths especially those who are trying to build their muscles through rigorous training. Most of these supplements contain leucine which is a branched chain amino acid with anabolic properties usually recommended for muscle growth and prevention of muscle loss.

•    High-Quality Protein: Protein Shakes are mostly derived from milk making it a high-quality protein source. This implies that it is a complete protein which contains quality amino-acids and other components to make the body healthy.

•    Can Lower Blood Pressure: Protein Shake supplements are dairy products which contain ACE-inhibitors also called lacktokinins, which can lower blood pressure after continuous use; hence it is recommended for athletes. This is good news for many athletes, especially those that have high blood pressure.

•    Reduces Inflammation: inflammation of the muscles can be a challenge to most athletes, hence the use of Protein Shakes is encouraged since it can lower C-reactive protein in the body. It has been proven to be a leading cause of muscular inflammation.

•    Boost Antioxidant defenses: it is best for athletes to increase the level of Protein Shakes intake since it lowers the oxidative agents that can cause illness. The use of this supplement increases glutathione in the body which is an antioxidant that fights against illnesses.


Protein Shake Worth it


Disadvantages of Protein Shakes

Despite its numerous benefits, protein shakes still have its disadvantages, some of which are;

•    Over-consumption of shakes will add excess protein to the body, which is needless because the body may eventually flush it out.

•    It can impact negatively on the immune system thereby reducing recovery time and strength.


Who should buy it?

Protein Shakes can be a handy source of protein for the athletes that are in intensive training, or when you're looking to gain muscles when bulking up.

Military trainees with the intention of looking fit and balanced for the training should also patronize a bottle of shakes.



The use of Protein shakes is dependent on your body system, therefore before you take these supplements, it is important to find whether these supplements would be perfect for you. However, athletes and those in the armed forces can consider taking a bottle of protein shakes to prepare the body for rigorous training.



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