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Best of Cameras Mar 31, 2020

Best Vlogging Camera Under 300 Dollars

Vlogging is a fun way to share your experiences with others and/or keep montages of your trips and memories. While most people tend to vlog with their phone, the front facing camera cannot offer good video quality, and in addition to that your battery will drain very quickly.

That’s when most vlog lovers will start their quest to find a camera dedicated for their vlogging purposes. However, most vloggers don’t want to bring a huge camera in their backpack, and are not interested in taking a thousand dollar from their wallet for their first vlogging camera.

The quest to find the perfect camera for vlogging under 300 dollars has come to an end, as we will list the best bang-for-buck cameras with handy features for vlogging will be listed below!


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100 Community Score


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  • Extremely small

  • Great video quality

  • Face tracking features

  • Good audio quality

  • Can be charged through USB-C

  • Battery life isn't amazing

The DJI Osmo Pocket is one of our favourite compact cameras that are perfect for vlogging. It has many features that vloggers will appreciate. The Osmo Pocket has face tracking that can be easily enabled simply by tapping on someone’s face. And thanks to its handy controls you are able to flip the camera with ease by triple tapping on the grey button. It also has many other features such as: 4K 60fps, Timelapse videos, Hyperlapse videos, Slow motion, and so on.

dji osmo pocket vlog

Oh, did I mention that the DJI Osmo Pocket is completely stabilized with a gimbal? This little camera with gimbal will fit in your pocket and not draw any unwanted attention.

Here you can see our full DJI Osmo Pocket Review.


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Zoom Q2n

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  • Feels and looks premium

  • Amazing sound quality

  • Great video quality

  • Wide lens

  • It doesn't sit nicely in your pocket

While the Zoom Q2n is initially marketed for musicians and you might be wondering why I am recommending the Zoom Q2n for vlogging, then you are looking at this camera at the wrong angle.

Since this camera is developed with musicians in mind, it means that the audio quality of this camera is immensely better than any of the other camera’s in this list without using an external microphone. The Zoom Q2n also has really good video quality, a nice wide lens, and great battery life.

Zoom Q2n vlogging

The special shape might put you off a little and may be a little eye catching in public, however, it can also be a great conversation starter!


70 Meta Score
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canon vixia hf r800

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  • Flip out screen

  • Very cheap

  • Not the best video quality

Next up is a little more of a traditional camcorder. What’s nice about camcorders is that you usually have a nice zoom function, and most of them support a nice and big flip out screen that can be used to see yourself while vlogging. While this camera doesn’t feature fancy features such as 4K video quality, this is still a great camera for your vlogs, just remember that you may want to upgrade in the future if your love for vlogging increases.


98 Meta Score
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Gopro Hero 5 Black

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  • Super wide lens

  • Can be used for almost anything

  • Good stabilization

  • Audio commands

  • Stabilization is only enabled when shooting in 2.7K

The GoPro Hero 5 was destined to get into this list. It is a very polished camera that can be bought very cheap now, especially when it’s on sale. The GoPro Hero 5 features a wide lens which can be interesting if you want to vlog and make sure the viewers also see the background/location. When for example using the DJI Osmo Pocket, since the lens is so narrow, there won’t be much to see except your face.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Vlog

The GoPro Hero 5 Black is also perfect if you are a vlogging that travels a lot since that this camera can do practically anything. You can stick it on your face with a mount, you can go into water with it as it’s waterproof without a case, you can vlog with it, and so on!


We hope this list has helped you find the perfect little camera under 300 dollars that fits your need. If you have any questions, then feel free to message me at any time!




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