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Worths Feb 18, 2020

Coolest Gadgets of 2019

86 Meta Score
75 Community Score

Powerbeats Pro

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A beautiful collaboration between Apple and Beats by Dre gave the creation of the most amazing completely wireless earphones suitable for any needs ever. It features excellent sound quality, great and easy to use controls, and is suitable for sporting. If you are shopping for new earphones any time soon, then we definitely recommend grabbing a pair.

You can also check out our article where we compare the new Powerbeats with the Airpods here.


94 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

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Amazon Alexa has been released to the public for over 3 years now. Its software is still getting updated weekly and it is still the coolest gadget to have at your home to setup reminders, ask cooking recipes, turn on your light, and so on! The possibilities are endless with Alexa. With their recent release it even adds a clock onto the body of Alexa dot, causing to even throw away your clock!

If you’re not completely sure yet if Alexa is really worth it, then you can read our detailed review at this link.


80 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Upright Go 2

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In our modern world, having a good posture is more important than ever. With all the new technology and luxuries, we are sitting down more than ever before. Whether it be in front of your TV in your couch, or playing games on your computer (excluding standing VR gaming), sitting down is bad for our body and gets us into bad posture habits.

The Upright Go 2 is a small device that sits unto your neck, and when you are in a bad posture it will give you a notification to let you know that you should change your way of sitting.


89 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Oculus Quest

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The Oculus Quest is a very affordable VR headset that makes you enjoy playing vr games alone or with your family without having the need for a powerful PC. The Oculus Quest is easy to use, has a great display, and a huge library of fun games.

The Oculus Quest is also portable making it perfect to bring to friends or even when traveling! Read more about the Oculus Quest at our article here.


96 Meta Score
100 Community Score

DJI Mavic Mini

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Drones have never been so small, recently with the release of the DJI Mavic Mini you can have amazing video quality and almost fits into your pocket. A drone is super fun to bring to your travel and make some amazing footage that you will really appreciate watching after a few years to bring back memories.

If you don’t have a drone yet, and are pretty good with gadgets then you should get the DJI Mavic Mini! If you’re unsure if the DJI Mavic Mini is something for you, then you can read our detailed review here.


80 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Fossil Gen 5

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Smartwatches have never looked so gorgeous as they have been in 2019. The Fossil gen 5 smart watch offers a sleek and modern design, is super thin, and actually looks like a normal watch! If you’re in for an update for your smartwatch, then the Fossil Gen 5 is 100% the best choice you currently have.




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