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Best of Computer Parts Apr 24, 2020

Fifine K678 Review

Video Transcript

With streaming and making YouTube videos becoming more popular by the day, there’s never been more need for a crisp clear and affordable microphone to use for voice overs, real time streaming, or in voice chat on discord to make sure the communication with your teammates can’t be blamed on your voice quality.

Today we will be taking a look at the Fifine K678 microphone. The microphone arrived with a well-designed box and is as you can see very professional packed. It comes with a well appreciated user guide, a fairly long micro USB cable, an attachment converter, and of course the microphone itself.



The Fifine K678 is a USB powered microphone aimed to give you studio sound quality at home. It comes with a stand and just like the microphone itself has some nice weight to it. With the knobs on the side you are able to easily change its angle for optimized recording.

The design of the microphone feels premium and is very well thought out. It has a USB port in order to connect it to your computer, a headphone jack that can be used to monitor your voice or other testing purposes, and a thread used for attaching the microphone to other microphone stands.

It features a handy mute button so you can quickly mute yourself when necessary that can be helpful between recording sessions, when you’re AFK, or when you want to mute yourself for other reasons.
You can see if you’re muted or not thanks to the LED located at the front of the microphone.

It also features microphone controls on the back used to add gain and control the volume of the headphone monitor output.

When plugging the microphone in the computer there will be no need for drivers or any kind of software, you simply plug it in and you’re ready to go.

To get the best out of your microphone it is best to follow the user guide which includes changing some simple settings on your computer. If you don’t do this then the computer will automatically add software gain and thus adding distortion.


Sound quality

We will start with a simple test and place the microphone behind the keyboard where it’s not in the way. This will be the most optimal position to place this microphone as you may need to increase the gain on your microphone if you want your voice to have enough volume.

Here is how the microphone sounds when sitting behind the keyboard using its stand. It is important to point the front of the microphone to your face as that’s where the condenser element is located.

As you can hear, that’s not the best possible sound that you probably hoped for. However, we can increase the quality, clarity, and cool factor of your voice significantly with a few simple steps. In fact, this entire video and what you’re hearing right now is completely recorded on the Fifine K678.

To get the best possible quality of your voice it is important to get the microphone as close to your mouth as possible. For that you can get a microphone desk arm. They are pretty cheap and thanks to the thread conversion you’ll be able to screw your microphone on it.

And this is the result of these efforts, the voice becomes much clearer and since you are now closer to the microphone you turn down the gain which helps with background sounds and noise.

Now all you need is a little software magic and boom, this is how your voice can sound like. You can also install real time equalizers such as Voicemeeter. I personally don’t need real time equalizers so I use audacity to edit the sound. If you’re interested in my exact settings then let me know in the comments below.



All in all, I’m super happy with the results and will be using the Fifine k678 for all my future videos from now on. You can grab one yourself by clicking on the link in the description of this video. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel to stay updated with all our future reviews, and check out our website where you can rate, review, and compare any gadget thanks to our real-time product fetch system.





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