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Electronics May 17, 2018

Is a Electric Toothbrush Worth it?

Since childhood, dental care has always been a priority. Who doesn’t want to maintain white teeth or stay off the dental chairs? Since you are familiar with the importance of brushing and flossing with the normal toothbrush, it will interest you to learn about the Electric Toothbrush.

An Electric Toothbrush is designed to cover and clean a larger area of the teeth with thousands of strokes per minute. The Manual toothbrush is very slow compared to the Electric toothbrush since it can go beyond 300 strokes per minute.

If you are lazy in your brushing habit such that you cannot brush for two minutes, an Electric Toothbrush will time for you and ensures a proper cleaning session.

Some versions of the Electric Toothbrush have sensors that can alert the user if he/she is brushing too hard while others beep to inform you that you should switch to other areas of your mouth.

Although you can perform a good brushing task with a manual toothbrush, using an electric brush is more benefitting as it can easily remove plaque especially areas that are difficult to access, as well as, it helps to prevent mouth decay.


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What are the types of Electric Toothbrush?


Currently, the types of Electric Toothbrush that are available on the market are few, but the speed in each brushing session marks the difference.


•    Rotary: in this electric toothbrush, the head rotates in a changing direction. The movement is at a rate of 3000-7500 strokes per minute.

•    Sonic: The Sonic type moves from one end of your mouth to the other. Its rate of movement is 31000 strokes per minute.

•    Ultrasonic: The Ultrasonic type is designed to access all hidden areas of your mouth at a great speed capable of dislodging plaques.

•    Ionic: As the name suggests, the brush is stationary while a low electric current removes the plaques from the gum to the brush.


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•    It works well for people who have challenges using their hands especially arthritis patient and the elderly; since the limited use of manual force is required.

•    Timed to clean for two minutes, it delivers a neat job with no effort

•    It applies less pressure to the gum during brushing and helps to maintain a healthy gum.

•    Kids consider them easier to use.

•    Switching from manual to an electric toothbrush is easy. 



•    It is expensive

•    Most of them appear bulky making it difficult to travel.

•    Brush heads must be replaced periodically which can add up to the long-term cost.


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Who should buy it?

An electric toothbrush is a good device that anyone should be interested in buying especially those with a history of dental problems.

The extra powerful ones can cost from $40 to $150 but come with Hi-Tech specs that can warm the hearts of the user.




Thorough cleaning can be done with a manual brush, but it requires a great deal of energy.

However, getting an Electric Toothbrush can be expensive, but the great job it does to your teeth makes it a worthy investment. 



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