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Electronics Apr 30, 2018

Is a Fire TV Stick Worth It?

The Fire TV Stick has been a breakthrough in the Tech world, so it is really worth to buy a Fire TV Stick?

You may think if it is complex to use. The answer is simple; all you need do is plug the flash drive like item (stick) into your HDTV and enjoy numerous TV channels within minutes.

Ever since it was launched, many users have experts have expressed positive reviews, and the product has been wholeheartedly welcomed but does it worth the price, does it cater for everyone, is it worth buying? These are what we will consider.


Fire TV Stick Picture



The Fire TV Stick comes with captive portal support that enables you to connect with Wi-Fi at a friend’s place, hotel or functions, implying you can watch your favorite channels and play your games anywhere with your stick.

Once your Stick is connected online, prime music and videos will browse through its rich playlist and contents just to give you a pleasant time according to your mood.

Another exceptional feature is the hidden PIN entry which allows your key in your secret codes for making payments and many more without displaying it on your TV.

How about putting your TV to sleep simply by long pressing the home button? This is another feat of the Fire Stick which is strictly designed to satisfy your comfort.

In addition to this, the Stick lets you send videos and audio from your phone or tablet directly to your TV screen.

Still, on the features, the Stick comes with thousands of channels and apps where you can access movies, TV episodes and many more. Those of us that love Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and many more, the stick are equipped just for us.



The Fire Stick TV comes with Alexa Voice Remote with which you can launch and manage contents with ease. It is so easy such that all you need do is press the remote and ask. For example, you can say ‘launch YouTube’, and Alexa will see to it automatically.

The fire stick user interface is much fast and easy to find content and other searches. Once the content is received, it plays smoothly without any buffering.

The pick up where you left feature allows you travel with whatsoever showing you were on; only to continue at the next available home screen. Imagine staying with that movie you left unfinished exactly where you stopped.

However, the resolution of this device is limited to 1080p; of course, you know that is a considerable shortfall. Also, some contents require you lunch their apps before it can be accessed.

Many users will detest the fact that Alexa doesn’t allow you skip to a particular episode you want nor skip backwards but can only skip to the next episode.


Fire TV Stick Picture



The stick is of quality performance, easy to use and is quite handy, at the same time with a price of $40; the budget is comparatively low; thus many persons can afford it. 



If you want a TV stick with a low budget that will allow you play great games like the game of thrones, watch amazing movies on Netflix, view great documentaries on YouTube and do lots more; then the Fire TV Stick is the item to go.

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