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Electronics Apr 25, 2018

Is Alexa Worth it?

Alexa is a voice control system designed and customized by Amazon. It allows you to communicate your thoughts to an Echo Speaker that can take on tasks like playing your favorite song or managing the volume level.

Alexa works by simple commands; there are no specific buttons to press. You start by voicing the keywords (either “Amazon” or “echo” or “computer”) then say what task you want it to do.

If the correct command is uttered, Alexa is on the go to perform the task. This system is distinct from others due to its high response to commands.

Alexa ensures that the user controls the Echo Speaker and other devices it is installed independently of buttons or remote controls, but with voice commands.

Using Alexa makes you feel comfortable in your home or office. This article seeks to explore whether or not it is worth buying Alexa.


Alexa Echo Dot Picture

Alexa Echo Dot


The Concept of Alexa

Alexa is a Virtual Assistant designed to recognize speech through sensitive microphones installed in its echo devices.

When you give a command, the echo devices upload the speech to Amazon’s servers for a quick analysis and response.

You can say “Alexa”, what is the price of 1BTC to a Dollar today?” response will be clearly given in a female computer voice.

Alexa can play songs from Amazon Prime by simply checking the store for the requested song or artist.

Alexa can play online radio stations, music from Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

Another outstanding feature of Alexa is the Voice Shopping where Prime Members can make purchases in the Amazon Store. There are restrictions on items that can be bought this way; this includes clothes, jewellery, watches, and shoes.

Once you command Alexa to buy an item, it searches for it, tells you the price and asks you to confirm the order with a four-digit code. The payment will be made through your usual payment method. 

Alexa is built to make life easier; once the ability to carry-out a task is integrated into the system, you will enjoy the easy life by giving the correct commands.


Pros of Using Alexa

•    Alexa allows you say out the track or radio station you wish to listen to, and it starts on the go.

•    It is an advanced assistant that can answer virtually any question you ask.

•    It is interactive and a good companion to keep

•    It allows you to live the smart life in your smart home taking the switches to your Voice.

•    It integrates easily with other devices.

•    It makes it easy to schedule your dates and events.


Cons of Using Alexa

•    Integration of Alexa into your smart home requires an expensive adjustment in the lighting system.

•    Although Alexa can answer questions, there are so many things it cannot provide answers.

•    Even though the wake words for each Alexa Echo Device can be changed, owners of multiple Alexa usually get confused with which to command due to the high sensitivity of the microphones.


Alexa Echo Dot Picture


Who Should Buy Alexa?

Alexa is for anyone who wants to enjoy the easy life that is common with owners of the smart home.

However, Alexa requires a good internet connection; therefore, customers in areas with slow internet should not buy.



Alexa is a tech that can be used in any location just to make life easier and comfortable. Some of the features such as the home control is only available when you buy projects that are supported by it, and sometimes alexa will still answer with "I don't know that one" when asking simple and expected things such as "Recommend me a good action movie". But when looking past that, Alexa can be a great assistant that will make your day a little easier and so.. it is worth buying.

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