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Best of Online Mar 26, 2020

Is Audible Worth It?


Everyone who likes good stories or readings books will most likely came across ‘Audible’. Audible is an online audiobook platform acquired by amazon back in 2008 and has since been extremely popular. The concept of audiobooks is that any supported book will be narrated by a narrator. There are many people who have trouble with consistently reading books and/or want to continue their book when it is not possible to actually hold on (for example, while you are in your car), which brings me to my first topic.

driving to work

Audible is perfect while driving

There are many people who have to travel to their work by car and usually in addition to that get stuck in traffic. While it is not possible to continue reading your book while your eyes are on the road, it would actually be possible with Audible! Listening to your book compared to listening to the radio can really help you take off your mind off work and all other stress. It gives your great balance and will help you feel better at the start of your day, and give you a relaxing time at the end of your day. Listening to Audible while driving is enough to entertain you, while at the same time not too distracting.

If you are someone who is sick of listening to the same music on the radio all the time, and have to make lots of trips with your car for work, then Audible is a big recommendation.

Audible helps you finish books quicker

This might vary from person to person, however averagely most people will benefit from this. Since someone is reading the content for you, it will stick faster and thus allowing you to continue the content at a faster rate compared to traditional reading. You will be able to check out a lot more books, and go through many genres that you otherwise wouldn’t have started. You are also able to increase the reading speed and thus giving you even more control over the rate that you can finish books.

guy listening to audiobooks

Audible provokes interest in books

If you are unsure that you should be trying Audible since you had no past interest in books, then you will be pleasantly surprised that many others thought the same. Since for some people, reading books can be quite boring and makes it tough to keep your attention, then Audible will be perfect for you. If you enjoy movies, or series for its good stories then you now have a completely new world opened up.

How much does Audible cost?

Audible has multiple membership subscriptions with different price ranges. The gold membership plan costs $14.95 per month and in addition to that you also have a secret silver membership plan that Amazon does not mention themselves on their sales pages. You have monthly and annual plans, however if you are a newcomer to Audible then we recommend the monthly plan. They are a little more expensive but give you the freedom to cancel any time.

 Audible logo

So, is Audible worth it?

Heck, yea! The only way to really convince yourself and experience yourself is by trying it out. Audible also supports a trial month which is perfect for newcomers. If you don’t have a lot of time to read books, or you don’t have much experience with books in the past, then we different recommend trying audible out!






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