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Electronics Feb 19, 2018

Is It Worth It to Buy a Drone?


Drones are the rage today, but does that mean you should get one too?

Drones may have been around for several years now, but their popularity has only exploded in recent times. With consumer drones hitting the markets, more and more people are looking to buy drones. People think of using drones for a variety of purposes, but mostly for photography and videography purposes.

While there are a large variety of consumer grade drones available today, most drones come with a hefty price tag. So, if buying a drone really worth it? Let’s find out.


3DR Solo Picture


Features of a Drone

A drone is basically an unmanned aircraft that can be guided or navigated remotely. Drones are the most advanced devices in the fields of robotics, aeronautics and electronics alike. While most commercial drones fly only for a few minutes and offer a short control range, some advanced drones can be controlled from long distances and they can hover for hours.

Drones are available in a range of sizes and shapes today and they come with a variety of features and functions. Most commercial grade drones are controlled by remotes and they can be launched simply from the hand. Commercial drones feature simplified construction and are very easy to control, making them suitable even for kids.

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of commercial drones is that they have great flight capability. They are ultra-stable when hovering and they can even perform acrobatic maneuvers. They can even fly out of the line of sight.

Drones find use in a variety of highly specialized as well as general applications. These include aerial photography and videography, surveillance and inspection, unmanned cargo missions, search and rescue, security and for science and research.


3DR Solo Photography

photo taken with 3DR Solo


Pros and Cons of a Drone

Drones certainly exhibit a lot of pros. They can be fairly cheap and cost-effective as compared to traditional aerial vehicles. As such, they also find use in a variety of special applications where traditional aerial vehicles cannot be used. Most drones are also incredibly safe to use and they pose less risk. Drones are also incredibly accurate and they can perform aerial maneuvers like fighter planes. They are also very easy to deploy and control and their unmanned nature allows them to work continuously without fatigue.

However, drones also suffer from many cons. First of all, drones have some obvious limitations when it comes to communication and they cannot be used to recover abandoned equipment. Despite being highly advanced, even the best drones cannot be operated from door to door yet. And, given that commercial drones are easy to procure and use, many people are questioning the ethics of using drones. Also, there is always the danger of a commercial drone being used for war or for other nefarious purposes. Drone operators who work on combat missions for long times also have a hard time adjusting back to personal lives.

Who should buy a Drone?

Buying a drone seems like an exciting option to most people. However, you should really only buy a drone if you have some use for it. You shouldn’t buy a drone simply to have a little fun and leave it collecting dust, unless you have the money to spend on it.

However, if you’re a photographer or videographer who wants to capture aerial shots, drones are a fantastic option for you. Also, drones are available in so many different models and makes and many drones are manufactured for special purposes. Just make sure to consider the flight time and distance, the camera quality, the price and the compatibility of a drone before making a purchase.


Syma 5XC



Commercial drones are quite popular all over the world today. These drones are easy to fly and they find use in a variety of applications. Commercial drones are available in different shapes, sizes and functionality and they feature simplified construction. Drones are very safe to use and they can be operated even by a child. However, drones suffer from some limitations and they can very easily be used for non-ethical purposes.

Unless you’re looking to use a drone for a special purpose, then it doesn’t make sense to buy a drone. However, it is fantastic if you plan to use it to capture aerial shots.  



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