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Worths Mar 22, 2018

Is It Worth It to Buy a Syma X5C Drone?

If you’re looking to get into drones then you might notice that you can find drones in any price range. There are currently so many models that it seems very difficult to choose one as they all seem the same to you except the model.

But there is one particular drone that is usually recommended for beginners, and that is the Syma X5c


Syma X5C In The Box


Features of the Syma X5C

The Syma X5C comes with a rechargeable battery, 4 LEDs, a simple but efficient controller, 4 required propellers and 4 replacement propellers, propeller guards (which I do recommend attaching) and a camera.

The Syma X5C is surprisingly easy to fly with, it features 2 flying modes that you can change while flying: a slow mode and a fast mode. If you’re a beginner, then I recommend flying with the slow mode as it limits you from making sudden mistakes.

The Syma X5C is as light as feather so if you’re flying above a grass field then falling out of the sky by user error won’t be a problem.

The Drone also has an automatic flip function which will never get old.

It also features a camera that can record videos and take photos which can be remotely controlled by pressing a button on the controller.


Syma X5C Flying


Pros and Cons

Considering the pros, the Syma 5XC is very well priced compared to other drones. It also has some very good beginner functions so even if you’ve never flown a drone before, you can fly the Syma 5XC like a master with only hours of practice. Plus, it even features LEDs that will help you keep orientated on cloudy days. 

While the Syma X5C has many pros, it does suffer from some cons like many other drones around this price range. First it all, while the camera is a very neat and fun feature to use, the quality does not hold up form what we’re used to at this time as it only features a 2mp camera and a data rate of 1.5 MBps.

Except the camera, the battery will also be empty before you know it. An average flight session will most likely not exceed 10 minutes of flying. Although additional batteries can be acquired at a very cheap cost.


Is It Worth it?

With the price tag of 40 dollars, great set of features and durability the Syma X5C is the perfect drone to start in this big drone market. The value and quality you get from the product is incredible, whether you’re a beginner ot a RC hobbyist for many years, you will certainly enjoy using the Syma X5C.

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