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Worths Mar 06, 2018

Is It Worth It to Buy an Expensive Knife?

With both cheap and expensive knives readily available in the market, does it make sense going with an expensive one?

When it comes to buying a new knife, most people don’t give it too much thought. However, with all the expensive knives available in the market today, many people are forced to give their purchase a thought. In fact, there is a lot of confusion surrounding what an expensive, high quality knife really does.

So, does it really make sense to buy an expensive knife? Let’s take a look at this in a little more detail.

What Makes a Knife Expensive?

All knives are sharp when new. Moreover, every knife blade can be sharpened when it becomes dull. So, even the cheapest of knives can be made to function properly. So, why are some knives just so expensive? There are several reasons behind this.

The biggest factor that contributes to the price of a knife is how well it has been made. This includes how well the knife can hold a keen edge, the angles of bevels and how the blade has been positioned.

Some expensive knives are also designed with high quality blades that take considerably longer to lose their sharpness. Most expensive knives make use of only the best quality stainless steel for the blade. Also, the handles expensive knives are designed with great care. Most high quality expensive knives feel great to work with. Expensive knives are also safer than cheap knives and they come in many edges including straight edges, hollow ground edges, serrated edges and Granton edges.

Expensive knives are typically designed for very specific purposes. Some examples of such specific knives include survival knives, chef knifes, meat carving knives, boning knives and butcher knives, among many others. 

Expensive Kitchen Knife

Pros and Cons of Buying an Expensive Knife

There are many pros to buying an expensive knife. First and most obvious is the quality of an expensive knife. An expensive knife is designed to last and it will offer you many years of service without breaking or being rendered useless. Expensive knives are also far more comfortable to work with as compared to cheaper knives. And, expensive knives are available in many types, shapes and designs, so you can always count on getting something you need.

However, there are certain cons to buying an expensive knife as well. The biggest is the price of an expensive knife. For a small fraction of the cost of an expensive knife, you can buy a number of cheap knives in different sizes, edge styles and types. Also, regardless of how well an expensive knife is designed, it will inevitably become dull and will need sharpening.

Who should buy an Expensive Knife?

Unless you’re looking to buy a knife for a very specific purpose, you really don’t need to go with an expensive knife. Consider how often you will use a knife, consider what purposes you will be using it for and consider your budget.

If you don’t have any specific purpose in mind and you only want to buy a new knife, it probably doesn’t make much sense going for an expensive one. Sure, an expensive knife will offer you better service and will last longer than a cheap knife. But, if budget is a constraint for you, then go with a cheap knife.


Knives are available in a variety of price ranges, ranging from downright cheap to incredibly expensive. Expensive knives are better designed than cheap knives and they are much more comfortable to work with. Also, expensive knives will last more longer than cheap knives. However, the blade of an expensive knife will inevitably go dull with time and it will need sharpening.

Expensive knives are usually meant for very specific purposes such as survival knives or chef knives. If you have a specific purpose and you use a knife often, then it makes sense going with an expensive knife. However, if you are only looking for a knife for general purposes, a cheap knife will do you just fine.  



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