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Worths Nov 12, 2017

Is It Worth to Buy An Apple Watch

Is It Worth It to Buy an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a powerful gadget, but is it really worth its high price?

The Apple Watch is Apple’s only truly new product to have come out in the last half-decade. With this watch, Apple has made a foray into the health and fitness tracking markets. The Apple Watch has been around for 3 generations now and the latest generation seems to be a hit with many people. Tech savvy people. health enthusiasts and Apple loyal customers can all be seen brandishing their Apple Watches these days.

But, let’s face it - the Apple Watch certainly isn’t cheap. So, what really makes the Apple Watch worth its price? Let’s take a look at this in some more detail.


Apple Watch 3 Wearing

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Features of the Apple Watch

As you’d expect, the Apple Watch is a smartwatch, which is as much of a gadget as it is a watch. It integrates with iOS, iTunes, Apple TV, Maps, Apple Pay and Siri, among other Apple services and products. The Apple Watch can connect to an iPhone over Wi-Fi to make calls and texts. In addition to this, it also features a digital touch screen with animated emoji, a mic and can also analyze text content.

The Apple Watch also includes several health and fitness features. It comes equipped with a custom heart rate sensor, an accelerometer and a sensitive automatic display. This smartwatch also includes several health apps which allow you to set and measure your workout goals.

Being a gadget made by a top company like Apple, the overall app functionality of the Apple Watch is superb. It may be a little tool, but it is quite powerful, something that we’ve come to associate with Apple.


Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch definitely looks like it is a wonderful gadget in terms of features. But, like most products, it too suffers from its own sets of pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the pros first. The Apple Watch is an absolutely wonderful gadget for health and fitness enthusiasts and also for timekeeping. It allows you to keep up with notifications lightning fast and you can also use it for calling and texting. Moreover, this watch supports several Apple apps, including Siri, Apple Pay, Maps and can also be used as a remote control for your Apple TV.

In terms of cons, the first thing is the design. The Apple Watch is designed to work as a watch, so it is obvious that the screen can’t be too big. Reliably tapping on apps can be a problem for people with large fingers. Also, the Apple Watch is quite expensive. It is equivalent to a little gadget and it needs to be treated like one. This means dealing with dying battery life, charging the watch, etc. And, to be honest, the Apple Watch is more of a gadget and less of a watch. It certainly won’t go well with people who don’t like to wear a watch either.


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Who should buy an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch certainly is an impressive product which caters to many kinds of people. Go for the Apple watch if you want to spend less time checking your iPhone or iPad while you’re at home. It is also a great gadget for you if you’re a health and fitness enthusiast. On the other hand, if you’d rather not take the hassle of handling a new gadget, then the Apple Watch probably isn’t for you.


The Apple Watch has seen 3 generations and the latest generation is being well received by people. This smartwatch includes many features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, connectivity with iPhone, iOS compatibility and compatibility with several other Apple services and products. It includes several health-related features and offers excellent app functionality as well. However, the Apple Watch is quite expensive and it’s really not for people who don’t like to wear watches.

The Apple Watch is great for you if you’d like to keep up with notifications lighting fast, or if you’re a health enthusiast. It is also great if you’re a tech enthusiast as it gives you a taste of the future, today.  



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