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Games May 23, 2018

Is Mass Effect Andromeda Worth It?

If you are a game lover and you love the mass effect series, it would not be out of place to know if the Mass Effect Andromeda is worth buying. The Mass Effect Andromeda is designed with good scenery geared towards modern gaming console. Single and multiplayer cherish this game. However, it the worth game buying? Our review of its features, cons, and pros will determine whether it is worth buying or not


Mass Effect Andromeda



Mass Effect Andromeda is an action video game designed and developed by BioWare for PlayStation 4, Windows, as well as, Xbox One. This game was launched in March 2017. The Mass Effect Andromeda game is the fourth entry since the Mass Effect series started.



The developer of the game incorporates a tone that is lighter than other previous series. The game places value on exploration, as well as, uses open elements. Some traditional elements from the previous series remained, while others such as combat are modified to making it more mobile friendly and less cover-based.

The Mass Effect Andromeda is the most recent game in the Mass Effect series offering players the freedom to either focus on side quests or main quests. So while it does scream to be explored, the side quests aren't always as fun and interesting and will feel like a drag, and so it is recommended to fish the main story first and go from there.


Mass Effect andromeda gameplay



•    A new story into the Mass Effect Universe

•    Amazing worlds to discover and explore

•    Fun and fast-paced new combat

•    The game is very engaging

•    Massive improvement in tone



•    Awful body and facial animations

•    Brain dead AI

•    Frame and bugs rates issues

•    Uninteresting characters and script compared to the previous games


Mass Effect Andromeda Skill tree



If you long for an action game that is laden with great graphics, then the Mass Effect Andromeda game is for you. You don't even have to play the previous games in order to follow the story as it is a new start (and finish, since they already canceled the next mass effect andromeda). But most of the players ready to get into mass effect andromeda are players that have played the previous games and are eager play in the mass effect universe once more, and while it does satisfy your needs on that matter you'll be left disappointed with the awful writing and lack of emotion as you have experienced in the previous mass effect games. Although there are also many players who did enjoy mass effect andromeda as the new combat system is fluent and fun, the skills tree system is very flexible and there's a lot to do.


Mass Effect Andromeda Cutscene




In conclusion, Mass Effect Andromeda is a hit or miss which is probably why you're reading this article. So should you buy mass effect andromeda? The short answer is.. no. But the long answer is that if you see it on sale for $25 and you have some spare time on your hands, then it won't hurt to give it a try and see what it has to offer for your self.


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