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Games Apr 21, 2018

Is Sea of Thieves Worth It?

Sea of Thieves is a story about a pirate who launched into the Sea with the mission to unearth buried treasure in the Island. Like every pirate stories, there is always the challenge of other treasure hunters and the unfriendly sea; which is why Sea of Thieves is suspenseful and fascinating.   

Sea of Thieves is created by Rare with a unique ecosystem and dynamic stories that keeps the user thrilled.

When played alone or with friends, the game offers outstanding experiences such that you can influence how the game unfolds through your interaction with the gaming environment.

Sea of Thieves comes with excellent scenery that is accommodated by modern gaming console which the player can always cherish. But is it worth buying? Our look at its specs, pros, and cons will determine the verdict.


Sea of Thieves attack


What to expect in Sea of Thieves

Sea of thieves does not come with a single formal story. You decide the voyage by selecting the team. The team or company you chose determine the game you play.

The Order of Souls Company happens to be very interesting with its challenge and fights against the ravenous skeletal pirates.

Merchant alliance will make you feel like lunching out into the sea in real life as choosing them as an ally means you will build an economic hub by conquering and plundering other ships.

Also, as a player, Sea of Thieves allows you to defect to any faction, and your growth in a level depends on the reputation you’ve built.

Having the liberty of taking any crew member with you makes the game brilliant and interesting as any crew can make positive suggestions during the meetings.


Pros of Seas of Thieves

•    The game has a good quality appearance; suitable for latest gaming consoles like PS4 Pro and X Box One Series.

•    Sea of thieves expands the creativity of the gamer.

•    The atmosphere of the game is worth appreciating with numerous customization by the user.

•     Nothing can make you feel more special like rewards, hence the appreciation by Seas of Thieves.


Cons of Seas of Thieves

Although Seas of Thieves is loved for its outstanding appearance and a fascinating scene that the player has more part in the outcome of events, it has its cons.

•    It is tougher for single players.

•    The progressions are poor except in cosmetics.

•    There is a level of difficulty in trying to put crews together.

•    The servers need fixing for optimal performance.


Sea of Thieves Sailing


Who should buy Seas of Thieves

Before going ahead to get this game, ensure you will have to play it with your friends since it is difficult to manage even the simplest part of the game as a single player.

This game is for the adventure seeker who wants to be thrilled by the contents of the sea and the ability to manage crew members and defeat the competitors.



Over the last decade, Rare spent a lot of time closely with the franchise of Kinect Sports more than the inventive and whimsical likes of early years. Conclusively, the game Sea of thieves is better enjoyed when played with friends rather than playing it alone. Therefore, if your intention is to play this game solo, then it is not worth it.

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