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Worths Apr 11, 2018

Is The Instant Pot Worth It?

Many people have been fascinated with instant pot and the challenges, comfort, and satisfaction that comes with it. It is sometimes rated as the best kitchen appliance. The question whether the instant pot is worth buying is what we will determine.

The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker with the ability to perform outstanding tasks. This includes the ability to cook perfect hard boiled eggs, cook multiple items in one pot, the possibility of cooking rice in 4 minutes.



The Canadian Instant Pot comes with 7 multi-functions that can handle different meals and recipes at once. Thus, this pot can function as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, Saute/browning, yoghurt maker, steamer and warmer.

The pot comes with 14 built-in smart programs that make it easy and convenient for use. The slim body design has handles for both left and right users.

The size of the pot is large enough to accommodate food meant for a family of seven. With the setting decided by the user, the pot can delay cooking to a time of 24 hours. This brings about the benefits of slow cooking which cannot be achieved with conventional pressure gas cookers.

Furthermore, this pot is designed to be highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly. Users will appreciate the fact that food that otherwise can take 2hrs to cook can be prepared with an instant pot within 15 minutes.

The control panel is easy to use with buttons for slow for cooking, dual pressure and automatic keep warm to hold the temperature of the food until it is served.

With a simple press of a button, you can cook your favorite dish.


the instant pot photo



Instant pot is highly energy efficient and produces healthy food with a taste and fashion that is consistent. Although it serves as the alternative to the traditional kitchen, it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

In considering the importance of this device, instant pot can complete the cooking process without generating noise or steam to the environment; this can trap the entire flavor in the meal without heating the rooms.

This device uses the latest technology with a microchip that monitors the pressure and temperature, keep track of time and automatically adjust heating intensity.

The cooking programs are lab tested and has been found to improve cooking results with accuracy and consistency.

The inner pot is made of stainless steel which saves the user from toxins, stick coatings and chemicals which could penetrate the food.

Being highly energy efficient, the user will spend less on electricity bills. It will be important to know that this pot is UL and ULC certified with up to 10 safety mechanisms.

The only disadvantage that can be associated with instant pot is that it has a low learning curve. This implies that your recipe might fail during the early stage of using the pot. 


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This pot is for people who are looking for stainless steel cooking pot, cooking multiple foods at a time, and busy parents who want to prepare their meal with ease should buy this pot.



Instant Pot is among the few items that no user can regret buying. The price is affordable given the level of features that comes with it.

This pot has enhanced the way food is cooked, nutrition and its health safety. The instant pot is truly worth buying.



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