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Electronics May 07, 2018

Is The Xbox One X Worth It?

The Xbox One X is a powerful game console that trends in the market. The product is an enhanced version of the Xbox One S with features aimed at revolutionizing the gaming world.

Xbox One X is 4K-capable which indicates that it offers improved picture quality and firepower to your gaming experience.

If you have used the earlier version of Xbox One S and you are considering switching to Xbox One X, then it is important that you know if it is worth buying it or not.


Xbox one X with controller


Features of Xbox One X

•    Designed as a powerful gaming tool, Xbox One X comes with an 8-core x 86 CPU at a remarkable speed of 2.3 GHz.

•    With a full memory capacity of 12 GB of GDDR5, the Xbox One X enhances the flexibility of game developers and ensures that the system accepts 4K contents.

•    Xbox One X features a 1TB internal hard drive which makes it much faster than its previous series, especially in booting and screen loading.

•    Emphasis is on the 4K resolution which means Xbox One X offers four times the picture level of 1080P; in other words, a sharper image appears on your 4K TV.

•    Xbox One X can enable Ultra High-Resolution gaming at faster frame rates.

•    Also, the Xbox One X comes with full HDR support which means more detail is captured in fire and explosion scenes.


Xbox one X playing


The Pros of Xbox One X

•    Thanks to the launch of the Xbox One X, many games have been updated to support 60 frames-per-second.

•    Heat dissipation in Xbox One X is via the back of the console; which allows other gadgets like remote controllers and DVD to be placed on it without worrying about overheating.

•    You may have had difficulties playing old games with your console; Xbox One X is the beast that can play both the updated versions and the old games.


The Cons of Xbox One X

•    Xbox One X is very expensive compared to other gaming consoles like Xbox One and PS4.

•    Even if you afford Xbox One X, you must get a 4K TV too to enjoy the specs of this device; that only can be a problem if you can’t afford the TV.

•    Enjoying the fun of a powerful gaming console alone is not so good as your friends will stick to the old consoles they had.


Xbox Logo


Who can buy the Xbox One X?

•    If you want the experience of a powerful gaming console with excellent graphics, then the Xbox One X is for you.

•    Those that prefer the high-end budget gadgets with satisfying specs will fancy this device.




The Xbox One X is one of the best gaming consoles regarding high performance. With features updated to meet the technological demand in the gaming world, the Xbox One X is a device that reaches into the future and is worth every penny spent.



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