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Best of Phones Feb 27, 2020

The Best Flip Phones in 2020

Flip phones used to be the biggest trend in the cell phone market. The satisfaction of flipping your phone open to get a call, or hanging up by slapping the phone shut isn’t a thing anymore when touchscreens became mainstream.

For a while all phone manufacturers stopped making any new flip phone models. Luckily, this design trend has turned around, and flip phones are back in business, especially since the new folding display technology surfaced!

90 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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  • High specs

  • Lots of features

  • Improved fold technology

  • The folding glass isn't really glass

  • Expensive

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s latest folding phone. This phone features all the fancy features that you would expect from a flagship smartphone and has one huge selling point (the name gives it away): It folds!

Thanks to the improved folding technology, and the redesign hinge compared to the Galaxy Fold, makes this an intriguing option for flip phone lovers, and basically everyone else as well. However, since glass will still be glass, and glass breaks, means that this phone isn’t equipped with “real folding glass” like the advertisements suggest. Instead it has partly the characteristics of glass, but doesn’t share the same durability as glass.

Another thing to mention is that this phone will eat your wallet as it currently goes for sale at  $1,500



64 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Motorola Razr

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  • Great display on the outside

  • Camera isn't great

  • Has a bulky chin

  • Expensive

An alternative option to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (as not everyone likes Samsung) is the Motorola Razr. Just as the Galaxy Z Flip, it featured a folding display, has a great hinge design, and is satisfying to fold.

The best thing about the Motorola Razr is the great display on the outside which can be used to see notifications without opening your phone and you can even use it as a viewfinder to take a selfie!

Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, it features a mediocre camera and has a bulky chin which does feel in the way a little.



70 Meta Score
80 Community Score

Nokia 2720 Flip

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  • Clean design

  • Great size when closed

  • Bad camera quality

  • Does not run android

If you’re looking for a simpler phone, and don’t need all those fancy features and apps that all the smartphones have, then you should take a look at the Nokia 2720. It’s a flip phone back to its basics. It is super light, small in size, and of course it is satisfying to flip.



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Samsung Galaxy Folder 2

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  • Durable design

  • Android operating system

  • No front camera

  • runs an older version of Android

The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is a little older than the other phones on this list, but shouldn’t be put aside. It is an excellent flip phone that is running on Android Marshmallow, has premium buttons that feel great, and is also capable of holding 2 sim cards (making this perfect for travellers).

Unlike the Nokia 2720 Flip, the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 has a pretty good camera that can be used to take some photos of your travels.



70 Meta Score
0 Community Score

LG Exalt

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  • Durable design

  • Runs modified Android version


Another great flip phone that is a little newer than the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is the LG Exalt. Just as the Nokia 2720 Flip, this is a phone for users who don’t have the need for fancy app and other smartphone functions.



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