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Best of Gaming Jan 27, 2020

The Best VR Headsets of 2020

This year might finally be the year where virtual headsets really take off. Many AAA companies are now interested in developing games for virtual reality, and we already have a great line up for 2020. However, when interested in investing in a VR headset, you will notice that there is now a lot of choice and many of those vr headsets have their own specialities and downsides. We will make things easy for you by listing the best VR headsets that you can buy in 2020.

89 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Oculus Quest

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  • Content streaming is amazing thanks to its OLED display

  • Physical IPD adjustment

  • Completely Wireless*

  • Oculus Link let's you play non-quest games

  • Built in headphones

  • No need for base stations

  • Battery only lasts for about 2.5 hours

  • You need a powerful PC if you want to use Oculus Link

  • Inside out tracking isn't as perfect as tracking with base stations.

The Oculus Quest is a great choice, and most likely the best choice for anyone who would like to get into VR gaming who doesn't want to spend $1000 (or more if you don't have a powerful PC). The Oculus Quest is light, portable, has a pretty good display, is packed with features, and is since a recent update able to stream any VR game thanks to the Oculus Link (note that you will have to connect your headset to your PC with a cable).

The bigest selling point of the Oculus Quest is that it's completely wireless (limited to Quest games). This means that you can bring your VR headset to friends with ease, and thanks to its great software you can setup a room-scale area within seconds (which can't be said for Steam VR headsets).

89 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Valve Index

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  • It comes with the best VR controllers released to date

  • The LCD display reduces screen-door effect and gives great clarity

  • High quality built-in speakers

  • Provides amazing tracking with its base stations

  • Supports up to 144Hz to reduce motion sickness

  • It's not wireless

  • Has some blooming problems

  • Steam VR isn't as great as the Oculus software

The Valve Index is to this date the latest released VR headset, and is also the most featureful headset of them all. It is curre+ntly the king of VR headsets if you're looking to use your headset specifically for gaming, and if you don't expect to move your headset to different locations. The controllers are probably the biggest selling point of the Valve Index (although you can also pair the controllers with other Steam VR compatible headsets), it supports individual finger tracking giving you the most immersive experience possible.

82 Meta Score
0 Community Score

Playstation VR

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  • Has a pretty good game library

  • Brings down the cost if you already own a PS4

  • The move controllers work well but they don't work as amazing as the controllers of other VR headsets

  • Has no roomscale option or 360 degree tracking

Although the Playstation VR has been released for a long time now, it is still a very interesting choice if you want to experience virtual reality. While it will most likely be outdated soon with the Playstation 5 coming out, at this moment it is still worth getting.

88 Meta Score
0 Community Score

Oculus Go

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  • Very inexpensive choice to start your VR experience

  • Is perfect for content viewing

  • It has a lot of fun little games

  • Is completely wireless

  • It can't track your position

  • Does not require a phone or a PC

  • The controller drains your AA batteries quickly

If you're getting this VR headset for gaming, then we will recommend you to look elsewhere. However if you are interested in using VR for some simple fun games, and content viewing then this is where this headset really shines. It is very affordable, has a pretty good display, and is completely wireless. Bring this with you when traveling and you will have a movie theather in your backpack.



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