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Best of Wearables Jan 30, 2020

The Best WearOS Smartwatch in 2020

WearOS has come a long way, but isn’t as refined and featureful as competition like the Apple Watch. However, that doesn’t mean that this will stop hardware manufacturers to keep innovating to make the perfect smart watch that anybody would want. In this list we go over the best smart watches that you can buy in 2020.

76 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Fossil Sport

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  • Light and compact

  • Doesn't look too 'sporty'

  • Supports NFc For Google Pay

  • Very affordable

  • Battery only lasts one day

  • GPS pinpointing can be slow

The Fossil Sport is still one of the best WearOS smart watches you can get in 2020 with great value, even though this watch was released back in 2018. The design is simple but elegant, it has GPS built in which is great for the price, and has features that you expect from a sports smart watch like a heart rate monitor.

The only downside is the responsive time of waking up. When you flick your arm up to look at your notifications or to look at the time, then you may need to wait for a second or two for it to appear. However, this may be a limitation of the current QUALCOMM CPUs.


90 Meta Score
0 Community Score

Montblanc Summit 2

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  • Great performance thanks to the 1GB of RAM

  • Top-notch styling

  • Lots of features

  • Looks and feels like a real watch

  • It's expensive

While the target for the Montblanc Summit 2 is for people who like luxurious stuff, this smart watch is also very appealing to everyone else as it offers extra tech that none of the over smart watches have. One of those things is 1GB of RAM. Since WearOS isn’t the most optimized platform, the extra RAM certainly helps the smart watch step up a notch in performance.

The smart watch has every feature that you would expect at this price point such as NFC, a rotating crown to navigate through the menus, a heartrate sensor, and so on.

If you have a spare $1000 laying around, and can’t decide which WearOS device you should buy, then the Montblanc Summit 2 is a no-brainer.


77 Meta Score
100 Community Score

TicWatch Pro

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  • Great battery performance

  • 1GB of RAM

  • Dual layer display

  • LCD display works great in direct sunlight

  • Built-in speaker

  • Bulky design

  • No rotating crown

  • Snapdragon 2100

Thanks to this technology your battery can last almost double as long compared to competition, and even when the battery does finally die, you will still be able to view basic things like your step counter, the time, and the date for up to a month!


80 Meta Score
100 Community Score

Fossil Gen 5

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  • Snapdragon 3100

  • 1GB of RAM

  • New battery saving modes

  • Rotating crown

  • Built-in speaker

  • Battery performance still isn't great

Companies like Fossil keep trying to innovate the biggest shortcomings of WearOS, and that is the battery life of the smartwatches. Since Google isn’t spending too much time trying to fix and refine the platform, this leaves companies like Fossil to innovate themselves in order to sell their device.

This time Fossil released their own battery saving modes which allows you to turn off specific services that you have no need for such as NFC. When disabling these services and enabling other battery saving settings from Fossil, this will allow the smartwatch to stay juiced up just a little bit longer.


78 Meta Score
0 Community Score

Huawei Watch 2

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  • Premium feel

  • Built-in speaker

  • Microphone isn't great

  • No rotating crown

  • Snapdragon 2100

  • Display is slightly smaller

Huawei also entered the smartphone market since 2015, and this particular model was released in 2017. This means that you would be carrying the latest of the latest, however this also means that this watch goes on sale a lot. It offers everything that you expect from a smart watch and has a very premium metal feel.




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