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Best of Computer Parts Aug 06, 2020

Very Affordable Microphone For Gamers! - TONOR TC-777 Review




Today we will be taking a look at another microphone. This time from a company called Tonor, the Tonor TC-777 is an entry gaming microphone currently on sale on amazon for around $40. The microphone was well packed and comes with an instruction manual, a pop filter, a windscreen, and of course the microphone itself.


Tonor TC-777 Impressions

As you can see, it comes with a lot of accessories that can help eliminate all unwanted sounds that your friends may hear while you’re in conversation.

The shock mount can isolate the microphone from mechanically transmitted noise such as floor vibrations, or vibrations your fingers make while bashing on your keyboard when losing a game. Make sure the microphone is placed snugly all the way until the bottom to make sure it’s as efficient as possible.

The pop filter is used to eliminate the pop sounds while speaking into the microphone. Thanks to the bendable metal wire you can place it to any position.

The microphone also comes attached with a little tripod that makes it easy to place the microphone on your desk. However, the wire to attach the tripod to the microphone is sadly not universal, so that means that you are unable to attach it on a microphone arm, which also makes the pop filter a little useless since you can’t bring the microphone close to your mouth without bending over.

Since this microphone is meant for gamers, and not for professional streamers or voice-overs, we can look past these problems.


Tonor TC-777 Setup

Setting up the Tonor TC-777 is very easy. Since it is a USB microphone, all you have to do is plug it into your computer, and your computer will recognize the device and will be ready for usage. There is no additional software that you have to install to make this microphone working properly. You just have to change the microphone gain bar through your computer settings in order to achieve optimal voice quality.


Tonor TC-777 Sound Samples

First, we will be testing the Tonor TC-777 from different positions on your desk and after that we will be comparing the Tonor TC-777 to microphones that are meant to be replaced by it. I will be comparing it to the microphone attached to a Corsair HS70 and the microphone built into the webcam.

I am now talking through the Tonor microphone while it is sitting in front of the keyboard on my desk. This will probably be the most optimized place to achieve the best possible sound.

It is of course better to talk directly into the microphone while using the pop filter like you can hear at this moment. However, you will have to bend yourself over in order to use it like this as there is no way to attach the microphone to a desk arm.

When placing the Tonor microphone behind the keyboard, which is how most people will use it, it will sound like this. Now let’s compare it to other default microphones that are built into your devices*.

This is how the microphone of the Corsair HS70 sounds like. It is more crackling and has less rich sound compared to the Tonor TC-777 which is currently sitting behind the keyboard.

My webcam is the Logitech C615. As you can hear, it is the worst sounding microphone of all devices tested. The clear winner is the Tonor TC-777.


If you’re buying this microphone to replace your webcam microphone or the microphone built within your laptop, then the TC-777 is a great choice. You get a lot included in the box for the money, and compared to the default microphones built into your devices, your voice will sound way better. If you want to get a microphone for voice-overs, your YouTube channel, or for your twitch stream. Then I recommend buying the Tonor Q9 of which a review will follow very soon.

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