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  • Xixii - Xiaomi Notebook Pro It's like owning a macbook, but an affordable one! Good build quality and super fast.
  • Never settle. Well I did, and it's still working. - OnePlus One -
  • Dman777 - ECOVACS Deebot N79 This thing is a workhorse.
  • desudesudesu - Dibea C17 I had a Dyson in my wish list for some time. But I couldn't justify the price, even on sale. I was browsing on gearbest and found this 2 in 1 vacuum. It isn't as strong as a Dyson (A little tough to get hair out of my couch). But it's only a fraction of the Dyson price. I bought it for $75. A Dyson goes for $300. I've been very happy with it. It's very convenient as you don't need a cable anymore and the charging station works great.
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Action cameras are miniature digital cameras designed to record high-velocity footage, and are most notable for the signature first-person perspective, allowing for a more immersive video-viewing experience. In this field, GoPro has been the undisputed king, with other companies’ attempts falling just short. The latest...

Video Transcript When you’re looking into buying a laptop you will see that they can come in a lot of different sizes and price classes. There are laptops strictly for light apps such as word and surfing, and at the other end of...

At the time of writing, Apple’s latest flagship devices are the iPhone XS and XS Max. These phones offer top-of-the-line specs, and have replaced the discontinued iPhone X as the top-tier pick for Apple enthusiasts.   However, deciding on which to buy is not...

The possibility of seeing people taking protein shakes especially among athletes, students and models are very high. Proteins are essential for the growth of the body and repair of worn tissues. Protein shakes a readied source of protein that you can eat without adding anything...